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Claudia Marie
Claudia Marie Design
dedicated to the
Art of Easy Elegance with Chocolate

Celebrate with fun, ease, elegance, and chocolate to create a memorable event... a celebration created just for you and your guests.
Chocolate Pairings

Chocolat & Vanille Cupcakes

Marie Cakes

Petite Marie Shortbread Cookies

Dancing Zebra Spoonable Ganache


             Claudia Marie Design also offers a signature line of select                              chocolate products of exceptional quality…
Flora’s Fantasy Chocolate Teas 
Chocolate Delights Chocolates 
Easy Elegance Dessert Mixes 
Chic Chocolat Sipping Chocolates 
Chocolate Baking Mixes 
and more.

Chocolate & Vanilla

Contact us for a tasting and/or a complimentary consultation...

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