Claudia Marie - Wedding
Claudia Marie - .....

Weddings... cakes, cupcakes, favors, confections, 
and chocolate & vanilla buffets
Our studio creates and specializes in
          white wedding Marie Cakes and 
Simply Sophisticated cakes with natural elements*...
fresh fruit
fresh flowers

We offer Boutique Catering. 
See our menu for more flavors and choices.

the Gran Marie Cake is a three tiered cake with cheesecake as the middle layer, a flourless chocolate cake for the bottom layer, and a chocolate cake or vanilla cake top layer.  
Frosted with our CMD Buttercream.*

Three layer cake tiers are 12", 10", 9", 8", 7", 6", or 4"

Chocolat - Vanille Cupcakes
Chocolate cupcakes or vanilla cupcakes with the filling of your choice.
Frosted with CMD White, Dark, or Milk Chocolate Buttercream.

Chocolate & Vanilla Buffet
A striking themed tablescape of petite desserts, chocolates, confections, cake and more to match the colors and flavors of your event.


*natural elements can be placed by our studio, your florist, or DIY

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